Commercial Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management

Pestec provides innovative commercial pest control and pest management for businesses, buildings and property managers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. We deliver long term economical pest solutions by giving our customers the services and information necessary to keep pests away.

Some features of our services are:

  • A Dedicated Customer Service Representative for your business or property.
  • Transparent record keeping of any pest activity on-site and any pest management actions taken.
  • Fast response times from highly trained Pestec IPM Technicians.
  • Commercial brand protection through discrete services as necessary.
  • Quality Assurance through regular service audits.
  • A proactive approach that alleviates on-site conditions conducive to pest activity and limits the risks associated with traditional exterminator practices.


Pestec’s commercial solutions give commercial business and property managers a partnership they can rely on for all of their pest and facility maintenance needs including: pest exclusion, bio-hazard removal, sanitation and facility deficiency reports, training and education on pest management for staff, structural repairs, and a wide range of pest control service options.

Contact us today for more information about how Pestec can serve your commercial pest management needs.