Integrated Pest Management Consulting

Pestec provides structural integrated pest management (IPM) consulting services to interested parties throughout the world. Over the past ten years IPM adoption has increased exponentially. Cities, Counties, LEED Green Buildings and Businesses, Museums, Universities, and more have included integrated pest management plans in their facility management programs. Multiple IPM certification programs have been designed since EcoWise became the first IPM Certification program for the structural pest control industry in California. Pestec was an early adopter of the standards detailed in the EcoWise and Green Shield Certified Programs, and is fully committed to providing our clients with reduced-risk integrated pest management services.

Our methods are continually evolving as we push the envelope of reduced-risk pest control. We can design integrated pest management programs for businesses and institutions seeking LEED Green Building Certification, and parties interested in improving air and water quality in the places people live and work, while decreasing threats to biodiversity from traditional exterminator practices. Our staff of IPM experts will give you the information you need to revolutionize your building, business or institution’s pest management program to balance biodiversity and promote a healthy planet.

For more information about Pestec’s IPM consulting services, contact us today.