Integrated Pest Management for Green Buildings

Pestec provides IPM services to multiple LEED Certified Green Buildings, including the most visited green building in the world the California Academy of Sciences. Pestec can design integrated pest management programs for green buildings anywhere around the globe. Once implemented, our programs will decrease the costs associated with pest management, decrease pesticide usage on-site, and provide reduced-risk integrated pest management methods to keep green buildings pest free.

Pestec has been working on the cutting edge of green building pest management for more than a decade. The LEED integrated pest management credits were designed using the San Francisco Integrated Pest Management Ordinance as their guide. Pestec has been supplying services to the City and County of San Francisco within the IPM Ordinance framework since 1999. Our services are industry recognized best practices in green building pest control and reduced-risk integrated pest management.

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Pestec provides services to LEED green buildings.