Integrated Pest Management for Green Businesses

Pestec will help your business achieve the high environmental standards required of Green Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. The San Francisco Green Business and the Bay Area Green Business Program recommend contracting a certified integrated pest management (IPM) provider to develop an IPM program for your building as part of greening your business.

Our IPM certified services help you reduce the risks pest management poses to air and water quality by reducing the use of toxic products for the control of pests. Pestec’s services are designed to decrease the risk pest control practices pose to our clients by only using reduced risk pesticides as a last resort. Our primary controls consist in decreasing the sources of pest life that make your location hospitable to pests. We help businesses and facility managers control pests with efficient building management through rigorous inspections, monitoring and sanitation and deficiency reporting. We also provide a wide range of direct control options.

Integrated pest management is also a part of the LEED Green Building Certification of Existing Buildings. See our Green Building page for more information.

For more information about how Pestec can serve the pest control needs of Green Businesses throughout Northern California contact us today.