Juvenile Hall Before and After


In March of 2015 Santa Clara County received the Greenscape Management Award. The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Coalition presented the county with this award because they have continually created policies and projects that advocate water conservation. With the current drought crisis throughout California it is comforting knowing that the County is making efforts to keep its communities on top of the situation.

The three main initiatives that led to the county receiving the Greenscape Management award are “The creation of a sustainable landscape recreation area for youth at Juvenile Hall; the Sustainability in Jails program at Elmwood Correctional Complex; and the County’s commitment to a sustainable community reflected in its own practices and its public policy, programs and services.” (http://goo.gl/m4oKG9). The recreation area at Juvenile Hall now consists of picnic tables, porous pathways, drought-tolerant and native plants, and drip irrigation. The walking paths will reduce stormwater runoff and recharge groundwater. At Elmwood Correctional Complex they are converting land into drought tolerant landscape, and while they are doing this they are building the sustainable landscape skills of those working in the jail program. The inmates are introduced to curriculum about water cycle, soil health, composting, drought tolerant landscaping, and water-efficient irrigation systems.  It is good to see Santa Clara County being rewarded for its efforts in water conservation.

Santa Clara County is not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk when it comes to water conservation. They have created a great example for the residents of the county. They have requested that businesses and residents voluntarily reduce their water usage. If people follow their example then hopefully there can be a large scale water conservation effort that doesn’t have to be lawfully enforced. Residents and businesses are stakeholders in this venture and must take responsibility for their impact on the environment. It takes the whole community to create a sustainable planet.

Pestec is also a stakeholder in the water conservation effort. We do this by protecting our waterways from harmful pesticides. It is necessary to keep the water that we do have in California safe because every drop counts. We do not do any mass spraying of pesticides and instead use least toxic baiting programs to control pests. This reduces runoff into our waterways and protects non-targets. We are proud to work in a county that is enthusiastic and adamant about conserving water and we will continue to do our part in helping them create a more sustainable county.

If you would like to contribute to the water conservation effort contact us today! We would love to work with you and help you resolve your pest issues.