Bed Bug Control and Exterminator Services

Industry recognized bed bug services for residential, commercial and municipal clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the use of Integrated Pest Management, you will receive a bed bug control program that eliminates the infestation, improves your site, and reduces future costs associated with bed bug abatement.

During more than a decade of experience combating the resurgence of bed bugs in California our services have evolved. Bed bugs and the know-how to manage them never stand still, so neither do we. You will not have to rely on one process or product. Instead, you will receive multiple options for bed bug extermination.

Bed Bug Services Include


Inspections will confirm if you have bed bugs, determine the level of infestation and help to create a plan and estimate for treatment.

Treatment Preparation

Different sites have different needs. Preparation services help you fill in resource gaps. Preparation can include laundry bagging, clean-up, removal of infested items, and also crack and crevice sealing.

Manual Treatment

Manual treatments are used to drain the population over time. Manual treatments are ideal for lower level infestations, as well as when thermal treatment ability is restricted. Combination of manual removal, steam treatment, reduced risk pesticides, and protecting the bed.

Thermal Remediation

Thermal remediation treats an entire infestation at one time. Spaces are heated up to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs. Includes follow-up monitoring.

Proactive Monitoring

A proactive approach that includes identifies likely areas of introduction, monitoring those areas, modifying those areas and educating the inhabitants of buildings.


Training on proactive bed bug detection, monitoring and prevention. This is perfect for housekeeping and janitorial staff, building engineers, property supervisors and residential tenants.

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