Ant Pest Control and Exterminator Services

Getting rid of ants on your own can be difficult. We provide services for residential, commercial and government clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. The traditional short term pest control fix has been to apply broad spectrum insecticides around the exterior of structures. We know from studies done by the University of California Statewide IPM Program (UC IPM) that this method doesn’t provide effective control.

With our pro-active ant control service you will get long-term control of ants. Especially with the invasive species Argentine ant. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method also helps protect indigenous pollinators like honeybees and butterflies.

Proven results from methods developed from over 30 years of service, research, and experimentation. Our ant abatement services are certified as 100% IPM through EcoWise and Green Shield.

An Integrated Pest Management Approach

  • Inspection – Look for ant trails and nests
  • Identification – Determine which species of ant you are dealing with
  • Documentation – Structural, cultural and sanitation deficiencies and give recommendations for necessary changes
  • Examples: Cracks along window frames, vegetation touching the structure, spilled food
  • Removal – Wipe up existing ant trails found inside
  • Exclusion – Seal entry points that are allowing the ants to get into your house
  • Baiting – Set up exterior bait stations to target entire ant colony
  • Follow-up – Refill the bait stations and evaluate the ant management program

Our 3 Visit Ant Abatement Service

1st Visit

  • Inspection of the interior and exterior to locate activity and nests
  • Removal of ant trails
  • Set up exterior bait stations near nests
  • Document sanitation and structural issues contributing to the infestation

2nd Visit

  • Reassessment of baiting program
  • Refilling of exterior bait stations
  • Treatment of voids such as voids behind plumbing pipes, behind electrical outlets, etc. with silica dust for extended control

3rd Service

  • Assurance visit to ensure ants are no longer accessing the interior of the home
  • Refilling of exterior bait stations
Technician installing an exterior ant bait station

With a traditional exterminator

  • Short term fix by using a perimeter treatment that only kills foraging ants
  • Use of broad spectrum insecticides that put pollinators at risk
  • Potential runoff of pesticides into stormwater

With Pestec

  • Targeted bait treatment that kills the entire ant colony
  • Reduce Argentine ant population seasonal peaks
  • Tamper resistant bait stations that keep harmful insecticides out of our waterways
  • Reduce risks to pollinators by keeping baits in containers and off blooms
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