Biting Pest Control and Exterminator Services

Trying to self diagnose an unidentified bug bite can be stressful, time consuming and difficult. Potential causes of your skin irritation are biting pests as well as non-insect causes that may be physiological or environmental. Let us help you by identifying pest problems or ruling out pests as a cause to symptoms.

Most biting pests are ectoparasites that are associated with a host animal. Ectoparasites like fleas, bed bugs, and mosquitoes are easy to identify through inspection and by the naked eye. Smaller ectoparasites like rodent and bird mites can be very difficult to find. Because of their morphology varied life cycles they can be difficult to distinguish from other non-biting mites. That is why our services focus on the source of biting pests – rodent, wildlife, or bird nests and signs of their presence.

Check our Biting Pest FAQ page for more information on biting pests and skin irritations.

How We can Help You With Your Biting Pest Problem

  • Inspection - Our services include inspecting the property for biting pests and host animals or their activity
  • Identification - Determine if a biting pest or host animal is present
  • Removal - Trap the host animal out of your property
  • Exclusion - Seal up entry points and voids host animal was using to gain entry to your home
  • Cleanup - Removal and cleanup of infested nesting material and waste of host animal
  • Treatment - Treatment of voids with reduced risk pesticides where biting pests travel
  • Follow-up - To make sure treatment was effective and if escalation is needed

What You Should Know Before Your Inspection

  • If we cannot find a host animal or biting pest, we cannot apply pesticides
  • There is no guarantee that we can eradicate mites, however, we will provide the most comprehensive service we can
  • Mites can survive 30-60 days without their host - bites may increase after the host animal is removed
  • Multiple services may be needed until control is gained
  • Identifying the non-pest causes of bug-bite symptoms may require the assistance of medical professionals and professionals of other disciplines