Cockroach Control and Exterminator Services

Cockroaches are the world’s super recyclers. An adequate food and water source allows them to survive, multiply and effectively infest your structure in a matter of weeks. Specifically, the German cockroach, the most common indoor species. With that being said, getting to the source of the problem will be the key to cockroach control.

Our cockroach abatement program helps residential, commercial and municipal clients in the San Francisco Bay Area get rid of cockroaches and improve their spaces. Our common sense, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach also reduces the health risks this pest can pose to you

To ensure long-term control you must do your part in the pest management effort. Eliminating other food sources forces cockroaches to seek food from the only source available…our baits.

With traditional large scale spraying

  • Broadcast treatment that pushes the infestation deeper into the building
  • Potential harm from use of bug bombs and spray application
  • Temporary knockdown of cockroaches

With Pestec

  • Targeted use of baits in areas where cockroaches live, reducing non-target exposure to pesticides
  • Reduction of cockroach allergens in your home
  • Effective and long-term treatment

Signs of a cockroach infestation

  • Cockroach droppings - “frass” looks like pepper or coffee grounds
  • Live or dead cockroaches
  • Empty egg capsules

Our 3 visit German Cockroach Abatement Service

1st Visit

  • Inspect for German cockroach aggregations
  • Remove cockroach aggregations with a HEPA vacuum to remove ootheca carrying cockroaches, dead cockroaches, and frass from the environment
  • Treat aggregation areas with cockroach gel bait
  • Identify openings along utilities and in walls that cockroaches may harbor in

2nd Visit

  • Reinspection, physical removal and re-baiting as needed
  • Treat voids between units, under cabinets, etc. with borate dust for extended control

3rd Visit

  • Final service to ensure the population has been eliminated or determine if further treatment is needed
Technician applying bait in cockroach harborages
Technician vacuuming cockroach aggregations and fragments

Another important part of the IPM process is exclusion. By sealing up cockroach hiding places you can prevent future infestations. If you need assistance with fixing structural deficiencies we can provide those additional services.