Gopher Control and Trapping Services

In just 1 day gophers are able to produce multiple mounds. This could mean costly damage for you. We can help you eliminate the gopher problem in your lawn, field or park. Management is achieved using trapping and reduced risk chemical controls as a last resort. These management techniques will limit the impacts of the gopher populations on landscaped areas.


Here are exclusion recommendations from the University of California Davis Statewide IPM Program.


Although we cannot attest to how resistant these plants are to gophers, Mostly Natives Nursery offers a list of plants that repel gophers. This may be a good starting point for a discussion with a landscape architect or consultant.

How We Will Get Rid of Gophers

  • Inspection - Successful trapping depends on accurately locating the main tunnel
  • Trapping - Underground trap placement
  • Follow-up - Check traps and remove any gophers that have been caught
  • Treatment - Reduced-risk burrow treatment may be needed

Our 2 Visit Gopher Trapping Service

Gopher trapping is a 2 visit service, a morning or afternoon set-up service and a next day pick-up. Preferably first thing in the morning.

1st Visit

  • Inspection - A typical gopher mound will have a crescent or horse shoe shape
  • Trapping - Place traps inside of gopher tunnels

2nd Visit

  • Pick up of traps and removal of any gophers caught
  • If nothing is caught we will set traps again until control is achieved.
  • We can also escalate service to include treatment of burrows