Attic Insulation Services

Are you living in an under insulated home? Have you struggled with pest problems? If you answered yes to either of these questions our pest insulation service is for you.

Over recent decades, the rising costs of energy has forced people to start assessing their homes for efficiency and overall health. According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, 90% of Americans live in an under-insulated home. We can install insulation products in your home that will put you at the recommended levels and provide you with protection from pests.

Not only that, these products are

  • Fireproof - See airkrete® demo video below
  • Sound dampening
  • Air sealing

Measure Your Existing Insulation

For a home to be truly energy efficient it must have a high grade insulation. R value refers to an insulation’s ability to resist transfer of heat. Which means its ability to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. R-value is also important when discussing air sealing.

Air sealing means plugging penetrations that allows colder outside air in, or air conditioned air out. These differential temperatures, humidity levels, and the smells of food coming from inside the home are attractive to pests who use the same penetrations to get inside. By air sealing with either of our two pest resistant insulations we are able to reduce these air leaks, and prevent pests from finding their way into the home.

Measure your R value.

Choose An Insulation Product

Now that you know where you measure up, select your new insulation. We offer two products that have similar benefits for you. Once you choose a product you can discuss with our insulation specialist if it is the best fit for your home.

airkrete® GREENsulation™

airkrete® is a cementitious foam insulation that is fireproof, thermally efficient, environmentally responsible, sound barrier and pest-resistant.

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TAP® Pest Control Insulation

TAP® is a natural fiber insulation made from recycled paper treated with Boric that is fire-retardant, thermally superior, sounds deadening and kills pests.

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