airkrete® GREENsulation™

Retrofitting your home or in the process of building from the ground up? What better time than now to check insulation off of your to-do list. airkrete® GREENsulation™ is not your everyday insulation product. It is the perfect solution for improving the integrity of your property and keeping your property pest free.

The best part is that it has a very basic formula: water, air, a foaming agent and cement.

Benefits of this insulation product

  • 100% Fireproof
  • Pest Deterrent
  • No Toxic Fumes
  • Scrubs CO2 out of the Air
  • Negative Carbon Footprint
  • Reduces Outside Noises by more than 75%
  • Increased Indoor Comfort
  • Non Allergenic

How airkrete® is installed

  • Pumped in through the walls
  1. Can be done either pre-construction or post
  2. Can be applied from either the interior or exterior
  • Once in, it fills the wall void with a consistency like a shaving cream
  • There is no worry about removing the old insulation as airkrete® will move freely around the old insulation and enclose it
  • Once dried, will act as a desiccant if any insects try to get through it

With spray polyurethane foam

  • Exposure to isocyanates -risks includes skin, eye and lung irritation, asthma, and “sensitization”
  • Old insulation usually has to be removed before installation
  • Shrinkage of insulation over years - R value decreases

With airkrete®

  • No emission of any noxious odor or volatile organic compounds - you can stay in your home during the installation
  • Non-expanding which makes it perfect to retrofit existing buildings without ``gutting`` the interior as is necessary for SPF Applications
  • Zero Shrinkage - Consistent high R value

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is airkrete® fireproof?

Yes. airkrete® is 100% fireproof. Hardwood Plywood Manufacturers Association Report on surface burning characteristics determined by ASTM-E 84 Twenty-five Foot Tunnel Furnace Test Method. The normal 10-minute test extended to 30 minutes with the following results:
Flame Spread Factor: 0 Fuel Contributed Factor: 0 Smoke Density Factor: 0

Q: But I already have insulation installed, do I need to remove it?

A: airkrete® is a cementitious foam insulator that can be applied pre or post construction. So whether you are looking to build a new home or refurbish an existing home Airkrete can help. AirKrete® will actually flow around and incase your old insulation so removal is not needed.

Q: How long does it last?

A: airkrete® is life long. Other products may settle over time or begin off gassing into your home. airkrete® will do neither. If you have airkrete® installed, you will never have to worry about your home’s insulation again.

Q: Is it safe to be around when it is applied?

A: airkrete® is made up of cement, a foaming agent, water and air. Customers are more than welcome to watch the installation process. Customers can also sleep in their homes that same day. There are no known health risks when installing or living with airkrete®.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: airkrete® is unique in that it is a lifetime product. You are not just paying for a 10 or 20 year product. In order to give you an accurate price quote we will need to come out and do a quick and free inspection of your property.

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