Residential Pest Control and Exterminator Services

Providing pest control services for residential customers in the San Francisco Bay Area that help protect people, pets and the environment. This is done by using a combination of pest control techniques. This includes non-chemical methods and least toxic pesticides. Our services are designed specific to the pests and the conditions of your property. The focus will be on reducing the sources of pest problems. These methods are considered best practice in our industry and is known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Here is how IPM works.

Your pest problem will be solved by

  • Doing a thorough inspection of your home
  • Correctly identifying the pest
  • Creating a pest specific treatment plan
  • Taking steps to prevent that pest from coming back into your home
  • Following up to make sure treatment was effective

100% of our services are certified through EcoWise and Green Shield as reduced-risk IPM. These partners help us evaluate our services and are an invaluable resource for keeping our pest management strategies up to date with the best science available.

With a traditional exterminator

  • Wasted time and money
  • Exposure to unnecessary pesticides
  • Potential impact on the environment

With Pestec

  • A least toxic solution to your pest problem
  • Long term pest prevention
  • Peace of mind