Rodent Pest Control and Exterminator Services

Have rodents made your space their home? Have they done damage to your property? You can reclaim your space with our 3 visit rodent control service.

We help residential clients in the San Francisco Bay Area get rid of mice and rats and prevent re-infestations through source reduction, trapping and exclusion.

Certified as 100% Integrated Pest Management (IPM) through EcoWise and Green Shield.

By not using rodent poisons for control or using them as a last resort, we are able to reduce the potential for secondary poisoning of non-targets. For more information on secondary poisoning and the risks to predators visit the Hungry Owl Project.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

  • Sightings of live or dead rodents
  • Rodent droppings, urine stains and rub marks
  • Gnaw marks on wires, food packages, wood and other parts of the structure
  • Nesting material like paper, cotton, or other fabrics
  • Biting pest symptoms from ectoparasites

Our 3 visit Rodent Abatement Service

1st Visit

  • Inspect your property for evidence of rodent activity inside and outside
  • Document sanitation and structural issues contributing to the infestation
  • Generate an estimate for rodent exclusion
  • We offer 6-month guarantee for our rodent exclusion services.
  • The rodent proofing work will typically be completed prior to the third service.
Technician inspecting exterior of building for rodent entry points

2nd Visit

  • 7-10 days later, our technician will return to check the progress of the trapping plan
  • Remove rodents that have been caught and replace traps as necessary
  • Due to neophobia, fear of new things, a week is the necessary amount of time to wait for trap inspection
Technician setting a rat snap trap

3rd Visit

  • Assurance visit to verify the rodent population has been eliminated
  • All traps and rodents that have been caught will be removed
  • There will be a targeted treatment of ectoparasites if evidence is identified
  • Rarely is a fourth visit necessary, although more trapping may be needed for higher levels of infestation
Two technicians installing screen mesh to prevent rodent entry

When You Partner With Pestec

  • Noticeable results. Use of traps to immediately reduce the rodent population and gain control.
  • Source reduction. We help you reduce the conditions that are conducive to rodents so that your home is less attractive to them.
  • Non-chemical controls. Rodents poisoned inside may create difficult odor and fly problems. There is also potential for secondary poisoning to predatory birds or pets.
  • Pest-prevention. Properly sealing up your home to prevent future infestations.
  • Long-term control. You won’t waste time and money from repeat visits for unresolved infestations