Wasp Pest Control and Removal Services

We provide wasp removal for residential, commercial and government clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We do not provide remediation for honeybees. Honeybees are considered beneficial pests. If you need assistance with hive and swarm removal please contact your local beekeepers association.

Social wasps are predators for most or all of the year and provide a great benefit by killing large numbers of plant-feeding insects and nuisance flies. Yellowjackets become a problem only when they threaten to sting humans. Insect bites and stings happen all the time and tend to cause only minor irritation, however, some stings can be painful and cause a serious allergic reaction.

Two of the social wasps you might have on your property are paper wasps and yellowjackets.

Our Wasp Removal Service

  • Inspection of your property for aerial or underground nests
  • Killing any stinging pests using a soapy water solution
  • Removal of the nest from the property

Your yellowjacket and wasp removal will be scheduled first thing in the morning or early evening when the pest is less active. If a ladder is required to remove the nest, a second technician is required for safety reasons. We will charge for the time of the two technicians.

Aerial wasp nest

Aerial paper wasp nest

Technician removing an aerial wasp nest

Technician removing an aerial wasp nest

Technician flooding and removing a ground wasp nest

Technician removing a subterranean yellowjacket nest