Integrated Pest Management is Advanced Pest Control

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an approach to pest control that utilizes regular monitoring to determine if and when treatments are needed and employs physical, mechanical, cultural, biological and educational tactics to keep pest number low enough to prevent intolerable damage or annoyance. Least-toxic chemical controls are used as a last resort. (Olkowski, W. and S. Daar. 1991. Common sense pest control. Taunton Press. 715 pp.)

Pestec applies the precautionary principle to all the services we offer by openly weighing the benefits and risks of various treatment options and excluding those that are unneeded or may be avoided by non-chemical measures. Pestec is a Green Shield Certified and EcoWise Certified IPM provider, and believes that strategies must be shared openly and transparently to increase the adoption of life, energy, and money saving solutions.

Please visit the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program and the IPM Institute of North America, Inc to learn more about integrated pest management.

For more information about Pestec’s innovative pest management services or information about building an IPM plan for your building or facility please contact us today.

Integrated Pest Management = Best Pest Management Practices

All of Pestec’s services are certified integrated pest management (IPM) by two third-party IPM certification organizations. We are proud to be the first 100% IPM certified company in the world! to To learn more our IPM certifications check out EcoWise Certified and Green Shield Certified.