Integrated Pest Management Consulting

Integrated Pest Management Consulting

We provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consulting to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.

Over the past ten years IPM adoption has increased exponentially. Cities, counties, green buildings, green businesses, museums, universities and more have included IPM plans in their facility management programs. However, it has not always been clear on how to implement these types of programs and how to keep them going.

Consulting For

  • Developing IPM plans
  • Review of IPM Plans
  • IPM Best Practices
  • Pest Prevention By Design
  • And more

You will be given the information you need to revolutionize your building, business or institution’s pest management program. Not only that you will be doing your part to balance biodiversity and promote a healthy planet. IPM programs can be designed for businesses and institutions seeking IPM compliance, LEED Green Building Certification as well as parties interested in improving air and water quality in their spaces.

Pestec was an early adopter of the standards detailed in the EcoWise and Green Shield certified programs. Clients can trust that they will receive knowledge that has been developed from years of hands on experience providing 100% certified IPM services.

Our methods are continually evolving as we push the envelope of reduced-risk pest control.