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About MosquitoSF

About MosquitoSF

Join Us In Mosquito Prevention

A vital part of a successful mosquito abatement program is public awareness. Several times a day Mosquito Abatement Courier Team members have conversations with San Francisco residents explaining what they are doing and why. In those brief conversations we are able to educate residents about this proactive program as well as about where mosquitoes can breed and how we can prevent them.

Fight the Bite

Wastewater Enterprise is doing its part to Fight the Bite in San Francisco by proactively monitoring and treating the combined storm sewer system. The State of CA’s Fight the Bite Campaign urges California residents to report any mosquito activity as well as dead birds to their local vector control program. This campaign has helped to track mosquito borne diseases in mosquito and bird samples throughout the state. These samples are an absolute necessity in order to track disease activity in the mosquito and bird populations and ultimately help prevent such diseases from infecting people.

Be sure to check the Neighborhoods page to see if our team has serviced storm drains in your area.