About Us

Unlike traditional pest control companies, Pestec has focused on pest prevention and pest management over the long term, avoiding quick-fix solutions to pest infestations that do not provide lasting results.

Pestec office staff, field technicians and board of executives

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver the best services to improve the places we live and work. Our services promote proper building maintenance and public health by directly suppressing and preventing disease vectors, pests, and their underlying causes. We work through transparency and purpose to mutually benefit pest management stakeholders, your community, and our planet.

We achieve our mission by following an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. IPM is a common sense, long term pest prevention process that is guided by the principles of risk-reduction, communication, ongoing monitoring and evaluation for continual improvement.

Our History

The company was founded in 1985 in Contra Costa County by Mr. Luis Agurto Sr. as an owner operated branch II structural pest control company. He began his journey with IPM in Central America with urban pest management and brought his knowledge and practices to the U.S. as a pest management professional. During the next decade of operation Pestec grew its residential and commercial pest control business in the San Francisco Bay Area. The second generation of the Agurto family is now doing their part to spread IPM across the world.

Luis Agurto Sr in 1985 next to his work vehicle

Our Achievements

Luis Agurto Sr receiving the 2009 California EPA IPM Innovator Award

Pestec is at the forefront of IPM because of relentless research and development. These efforts were rewarded in 2009 when the company received the California EPA IPM Innovator Award. This made us the first structural pest management firm ever to receive this award. On this same day, we were presented with a “Certificate of Recognition” from California Assemblywoman Fiona Ma for our “work in advancing the adoption and practice of IPM in California.” We are constantly working on new techniques and approaches to managing common nuisance pests and wish to share this information openly. We share this information with our partners because we want to increase the adoption of life-saving solutions.

Luis Agurto Jr and Carlos Agurto receiving the 2009 California EPA IPM Innovator Award

How We Work

The focus continues to be on a common sense and holistic approach to managing pests. This is why we partner with local governments and agencies on projects that focus on reducing pesticide usage and maintaining the health of non-targets such as people, pets, and the environment. We work side by side with them to create IPM best practices and create a culture of knowledge based decisions. Our clients not only need to know what types of services we offer, but why these services may or may not be necessary. This is why Pestec adopted the precautionary principle. The Precautionary Principle is a “caution in advance” approach to decision-making that seeks to prevent adverse effects on human health and the environment by avoiding practices that can potentially cause harm.

We have been providing reduced-risk IPM since our founding and will continue to do so to protect the health of our communities.

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