MAC Team

Job Description

As a member of the Mosquito Abatement Courier Team, otherwise known as the MAC Team, you will be riding throughout the City of San Francisco inspecting, monitoring and treating City storm drains for mosquitoes. This position is seasonal starting in the spring and ending in the late fall.

The ideal candidate, loves being outdoors, exhibits and maintains a high level of efficiency and dependability, and can work independently in this casual and cooperative environment. There is potential for rehire the following spring based on quality of work and if you are a good fit for the team.

Here is the MAC Team in action.

The team has also been featured in SF Magazine – Affinities, which is a monthly pictorial study of uniquely Bay Area tribes. Affinities: The Buzz Killers


  • Inspect the storm drains
  • Treat storm drains that contain standing water
  • Paint the curb above the storm drain
  • Record the data for monitoring, evaluation, and collaboration


  • Must be able to ride carrying a 10 lb. pack
  • Must be able to bend down 300-400 times daily
  • Must have a bicycle in good working order and keep maintained prior to work hours
  • Must be punctual and reliable; Pestec enforces a strict attendance policy and unexcused absences are not tolerated; Work is 5 days per week from 7:30am-4:30pm
  • Must be physically healthy


  • Bicycle MUST have gears, no single speed or fixed gear bikes
  • Rack and panniers are highly recommended
  • Basic bicycle repair knowledge is a must


  • An innovative and collaborative work environment
  • Pay increases based off years accrued with the team
  • Competitive benefits package including health and dental
  • Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick Leave
  • Members who live in the East Bay are eligible for free transit to San Francisco

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