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How To Treat Norway Rat Burrows With Smoke Gas Cartridges

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So we identified a rat burrow here at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California and we are going to treat the burrow with a giant destroyer, or a gas cartridge. Before I ignite it, I'm going to get some loose soil in the area that we're going to use to fill the burrow in after I ignited the gas cartridge.

Speaker 1:


I'm going to ignite the fuse and then stick the lit side into the burrow down into the chamber. After I do that, I'll go ahead and fill it with the loose soil. I'll stomp it down and as the ignition continues, some smoke will start to come out. We'll look in the surrounding areas for any escaping smoke and we will seal that up with a little bit of soil as well.



[Demonstrates process discussed above]

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