School Integrated Pest Management Action Calendar

School Integrated Pest Management Action Calendar


Baiting during the late winter and spring will have the biggest impact on colonies by reducing the mating population. This will limit the development and expansion of the colony. Another window for baiting is the foraging period in October. You can target the remaining larvae and the overwintering adults. 


Maintain un-set baited traps or non-toxic bait blocks in ceilings, storage and utility rooms and other hot spots. Service during breaks or whenever rodent evidence is reported by refreshing bait, setting traps, and inspecting and unsetting before the break end. During the summer break focus on pest exclusion. In the fall break increase set traps, rodent populations will take longer to rebound after being knocked-down. Reduce rodent pressure in the winter by trimming trees and dense shrubbery away from buildings and by mowing grass weeds before they seed.

Outdoor Cockroaches

(Oriental and Turkestan)

Remove leaf litter during winter break, this will reduce cover and humidty needed for reproduction in the spring. Bait cracks and crevices outside during spring break. Focus on pest exclusion at doors, weep holes, and concrete expansion joints in the summer break.